Neglected by Two Countries

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Teacher Wins International Latino Book Awards for her book "Neglected by Two Countries" Featuring The Stories of the Children Caught in the Immigration Crisis



 "I hope the stories of these children will inspire the world to read, reflect and reform. Every country should nurture their people with great thoughts and fair laws. For we will never get higher than what we think and write"-Marie Elena Cortés


Houston, TX (July 16, 2014)- Inspirational author Marie Elena Cortés returns from the American Library Association National Convention in Las Vegas where the International Latino Book Awards recognized her book "Neglected by Two Countries" in two categories:


Ms. Cortes' book won:


2nd place "Best Youth Latino Focused Chapter Book"


2nd place "Most Inspirational Youth Chapter Book"


This book comes at a pivotal time in the immigration debate as the plight of children on the border, caught, and neglected, by two counties, makes national and international headlines.


No one has told the story of the youth caught in the middle-until now.


As Immigration Reform is held hostage by partisan politics, it is urgent that leaders  unite and resolve the legal issues that affect thousands of innocent children and families. Together we can find solutions to this shameful situation.



About Marie Elena Cortés

Marie Elena Cortés is a proud Mexican-American. She graduated from Houston Baptist University in 1996 with a B.A. in Bilingual/ESL Education and Interdisciplinary Studies, with a minor in Art.

She has written three books including "My Annoying Little Brother" (2005), "My First Classroom" (2012) and "Neglected by Two Countries" (2013).

Marie was an elementary and middle school teacher for 15 years. During the summer of 2005, Cortes created Kids Write to Know-The Power of Thinking, a writing club that helps students improve their communication skills by delivering into a variety of topics. Her special guests make each workshop unforgettable! Her mission is to inspire students to become proficient readers and writers as they also learn to become responsible, knowledgeable, and productive citizens.

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